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       Registered Recruiting Agency List for Sending Female Workers to KSA(Update:06.12.2017)

       40 TTC and 1 IMT Project Progress report November 2017.

       5 IMT Progress Report November, 2017

       NOC Md.Hedaietullah(368)

       NOC and GO of Kamriuzzaman

       Office Order (Transfer)-2744

       Office Order (Transfer)-2735


       NOC (49.01.0000. Date-22.11.2017


       NOC (49.01.0000.332.18.003.17-333) Date-13.11.2017

       NOC (49.01.0000.331.18.001.16-242) Date-13.08.2017



       40 TTC and 1 IMT Project ProgressOctober/2017(date:13-NOV-2017)

       APA Report for the year 2017-2018(3 Months)

       Office Order_MSO(02.11.2017)

       Office Order_AD(02.11.2017)

       5 IMT Project Progress October(2016-17)

       NOC of Firoz Jaman Sarkar

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-31.10.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000.330.18.007.15-764) Date-31.10.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-25.10.2017

       About Suevner's writings

       Job demand in different countries

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-24.10.2017

       APA Report(Jul-Sep,2017)

       NOC(49.01.0000.002.18.379.14-2310) Date-03.10.2017

       User Licence Softwire for Fingerprint of DEMO

       40 TTC and 1 IMT Project Progress September/2017

       Awareness About Free Visa

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-04.10.2017

       Progress Report (5 IMT)

       NOC(49.01.0000.002.18.379.14-2303) Date-03.10.2017

       GO(49.01.0000.332.08.002.16-283) Date-27.09.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000.002.18.526.14-2258) Date-28.09.2017

       40 TTC project progress report

       NOC(49.01.0000.331.18.001.16-249) Date-27.08.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-06.09.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000.002.25.0011.17-2023) Date-29.08.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000.325.14.041.14-9873) Date-23.08.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-21.08.2017

       40 TTC and 1 IMT Project Progress July/2017

       CIP Notice 2018

       IMT Diploma 3rd Waiting Result-2017

       Progress Report of 40 TTC's and 1 IMT Project

       NOC(49.01.0000.330.18.007.15-724) Date-19.07.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-19.07.2017

       IMT Diploma Result 2017 (2nd Waiting)

       Annual Performance Agreement (APA) 2017-18

       BIMT, Narayanganj CMT Result 2017

       IMT Diploma Result 2017 (1st Waiting)

       NOC(49.01.0000.332.08.002.16-38) Date-12.07.2017

       Posting and Promotion Order(AD)

       NOC(49.01.0000.330.08.002.15-720) Date-22.06.2017


       IMT Admission Result 2017

       Office Order (Transfer)

       Transfer Order(22-JUN-2017)

       NOC of Atikuzzaman(49.01.0000.330.18.007.15-716) Date-19.06.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-31.05.2017

       Leave Approval-CI-Com-Nimai

       Transfer Order

       Advertisement for IMT admission-2017

       Transfer Order (18.5.17)

       Transfer Order (7.5.17)

       NOC (49.01.0000.332.08.002.16-129) Date-27.04.2017

       Registration Fee

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-27.04.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-20.04.2017

       Notice of APA-2017-2018

       NOC(49.01.0000.332.18.001.15-123) Date-18.04.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000.325.14.041.14-9695) Date-04.04.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-04.04.2017

       Foreign visit for attending Training of Trainers program in Singapore

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-04.04.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-23.03.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000.331.18.001.16-105) Date-04.04.2017

       NOC(49.01.0000.330.18.007.15-685) Date-04.04.2017

       Transfer Order

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-27.03.2017

       Transfer Order(23.3.2017)

       Permanent of Khurshida Akter

       NOC of Mst.Sheerin Akter(14.03.2017)

       Gradation List of Cyclostyle Operator,Record Supplier and Acquitted

       NOC of Md.Abdur Rashid Khan(12.3.2017)

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-15.03.2017

       Joining Letter of ADG

       Recruitment Notice of BKTTC

       Gradation List of Principal,DD and SSO

       Country Specific Informational Guideline

       Gradation List of Principal,DD and SSO

       NOC(49.01.0000. Date-27.2.2017

       Notice for Monitoring Team

       NOC of Saidi Hossain

       Notice for Recruiting Agencies Representative Appointment

       Picnic Notice

       Registration for Malaysia (G2G )

       NOC of Nemai Kumar Datta


       Innovation Work Plan_2016 Implementation

       Regulation(Correct Copy)

       Appointment of Data Entry Operator

       NOC Of Sk.Rokibul Hassan


       NOC of nine Passport

       BMET's mentor team nomination

       Transfer Order (Shafiqur)(5.1.17)

       Transfer Order (All)(5.1.17)

       Fingerprint Notice for Job Seeker's workers(Update-22.12.2016)

       Development Fair Notice all DEMO,IMT and TTC

       RA Licence Renewal Time Increase

       Notice for IMD Seminner (17.12.2016) and IMD Really (18.12.2016)

       Translation Agencies enrollment form(2015-2017)

       UAE Guideline

       Draft Gradation list of Messenger and Office Assistant

       Singapore Guideline

       EoI for Labour Market Research Organization

       Saudi Arabia Guideline

       Qatar Guideline

       NOC of Mujahidul Islam and Md. Nizamuddin Patwary

       CIP(NRB)-2017 Circular and Forms

       Requirement Committee

       Oman Guideline

       BMET Annual Report 2015-2016

       Seminars / meetings performing inform Form

       Foreign Tour/ Training Report From

       APA of BMET 2016-17

       Mega company update list for KSA

       BMET's Co-ordination meeting on 18.07.2016

       Committee for Sending Female Workers

       Delegation of power of BMET

       ANIK of BMET

       Attachment for Labour Ministry

       Renewal Form For Recruiting Agency

       Office Order (Saba Shaptaho)

       Office Order for Sending Female Workers (15.06.2016)

       Implementation of action plan for NIS

       Send a candidate for appointment to the vacant post of non-gazetted employees

       Complaint Management Cell for Expatriates' Female Worker

       SDG Focal Point

       BMET GRS(ANIK) reference

       Job's Advertisement For TTC

       National Integrity Strategy(NIS) Focal Point

       BK TTC- Training Calendar and Gant Chart

       IMT, Bagherhat-Training Calendar and Gant

       Annual Innovation Report-2015 and Innovation Annual Work Plan-2016

       Citizen's Charter for DEMO

       Citizen's Charter for IMT and TTC

       Application Form-Liberation War Affairs Ministry's Form

       Online Visa Checking for 6(Six) Countries

       Right to Information Officer's List

       Trades List(Bangla) in TTC

       BMET New The Citizen's Charter(30.09.2015)

       Emigration Clearance Report Submit Monthly(For Recruiting Agency)

       Promoted to provide formal feedback

       Notice (Good Conduct Certificate) for RA

       Permission for female domestic workers

       Name Registration in Musaned for Sending Female Workers in KSA

       District wise Recruiting Agencies List for Sending Female Workers in KSA (Update)

       Advertising Notice of Recruiting Agencies for Sending Female Workers in KSA

       To provide Scholarship for the meritorious children of the wage earners-2015

       City Digital Centers List in Dhaka City

       License Renewal 2015-2017 of Recruiting Agency

       Good Conduct Certificate

       Revised Request for Expression of interest (EOI) of land at Vatara (North-Baridhara), Gulshan

       Overseas Employment and Migration Act 2013

       Subject Wise code

       Digital File Code

       A guide for foreign workers-Singapore

       Instructions Regarding Burial cost, Financial Assistances etc.

       Training Calendar

       Guideline Malaysia

       Guideline Bahrain

       Hong Kong Guideline

       Overseas Employment and awareness.

       Bangladeshi women migrants in Hong Kong

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